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Beta testing of Exchange

Beta testing of Exchange


Beta testing of main exchange functions and e-wallet have been completed

We are glad to announce beta testing completion of two main platform components, such as digital and crypto-currencies exchange and payment system partial functions.

Exchange and e-wallet are functioning in regular mode now.

Up to date, the platform results as follows:

Full function of digital currency exchange, developed and implemented all kinds of orders on exchange. Affiliate, Merchant API and Broker modules will be available in next round of development.  Public API are created for developers. Implemented some functions of payment service.

We are expecting more than 10000 registered users in first week of launch.

We are looking forward to implement new features and sections in upcoming month. We are ready to work hard, improve platform and make it perfect for you!

Also, expect more promotions in the upcoming month.

Exchange will be live for registration from 1st of June 2017 possibly if every testing pass through our standard.

Happy Earnings!!!

Thank you for doing business with us!!!